WordPress vs. Blogger: Which is Best for Blogging?

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Are you interested in blogging and want to start writing your own blog? So this post is really beneficial for beginners. There are lots of platforms for blogging, where you can easily manage your blog and content together. But a question always arises in your mind which blogging platform is right for you. Blogger vs. WordPress? There are lots more blogging platforms besides these. We can’t discuss them more, but we will talk about these 2 popular blogging platforms, which are Blogger and WordPress.

In the beginning, many bloggers always start from using Blogger (BlogSpot) because it’s free and simple but due to minimal control management they get shifted later with WordPress because it allows for advanced customization, extensive third-party integrations and features for bloggers and small businesses. It doesn’t mean that BlogSpot is not good for you. There are still many popular blogs made on BlogSpot platforms if you Google you can find it.

WordPress VS. Blogger at a Glance

Let’s differentiate both WordPress and Blogger and understand which is good for your blogging by following terms:


Blogger was launched in 1999 by a company named Pyra Labs and later Google bought it in 2003. Now it’s known as blogger.com or blogspot.com it runs as a Google’s property. All its scripts and data are stored in Google’s owned servers, and no one of you can access their server. If you have a Google Account, then you can easily create your blog for free. With an account you can create 100 blogs for free. But while this is in Google’s server, it means Google could delete your account whenever they want, and you cannot make any claims for it later.

WordPress is also another most popular free open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL which was launched in 2003. WordPress platform was launched in 2003 as a joint venture between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress CMS features include plugin architecture and a web template system. The software is released under the GPLv2 (or later) license. WordPress comes with 2 different versions; one is WordPress.com and WordPress.org which is a free and up-to-date hosting solution. Self-hosted WP, Have to install in the hosting. You screw her boss. You can run it whenever you want, and close it whenever you want. You will have your own data, which you can easily transfer later to another hosting.


Blogger has a simple and easiest management system with every blog, so you can manage your complete blog easily. But if you want to add some extra plugins and other stuff to your blog then it’s not possible. There are no more other options. But you can customize your blog if you have great knowledge of web designing programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

WordPress is an open source software so that you can modify it whatever your own choice, and you can add extra features too. If you want to create a website for your company, you can easily create it through WordPress. WordPress.org has a variety of plugins available, which gives your blog new features and looks awesome. By activating plugins, you can modify it by drag and drop feature without changing coding without having to do anything in your blog.

Blog Lookout

Now I’m talking about Web Page Templates which can change your blog’s layout and look attractive to the visitor’s. Templates also act as a game changer for any blog or a website.

In BlogSpot, there are very few official templates in it, but for a beginner, it is not possible to change templates of their own choice. There are many non-official websites that offer free and premium version templates, but if you’re good in web designing and development then you can change template themes whatever look you want. 

But it has a major drawback which is that it’s immediately noticeable you’re using Blogger because all themes look almost the same. Brands don’t consider Blogger a serious blogging platform, and generally won’t work with bloggers who are using this platform. This is because there aren’t any kind of email marketing or social media marketing tools you can use to help it grow.

As a Blogger, WordPress is a robust website builder allowing you for advanced customization, extensive third-party integrations and features for bloggers and businesses alike. WordPress.org is free, but you must pay a hosting company to host your WordPress blog which is likely $10 a month. While technically, you don’t need to know coding to use WordPress, some little knowledge will help you fix any mistakes without the need to contact a web developer.

There are over 9,000+ free themes for every kind of business, as well as premium themes to really set your WordPress site apart or to match the focus of your site. For example, there are many e-commerce themes to give your online ecommerce store a sleek and premium appearance. You can also purchase premium WordPress themes through places like Theme Forest, Envato market or even Etsy.


Google hosts a blogger platform in its server for free So you don’t need to buy additional servers for blog hosting. If you create your blog in BlogSpot, then you will get the best security of Google’s Secure Network. Nobody can easily hack your blog and Google manages it easily without any interruption for free. This means that your blog will never be slow for more visitors.

WordPress also has a very safe secured server for free like blogger, but you will have to take care of its security too. If you are hosting a limited resource, it will not be able to handle more visitors. You have to buy a powerful server for that. There are lots of WP plugins available on WordPress platform, which helps to protect and secure your blog from hackers.


Blogging platforms are easily transportable. You can export or import your content from or into other platforms. 

It is possible to transfer your blog to another platform in BlogSpot, Blogger provides a facility for export, but easily cannot keep it in the other platform as before. This will have a bad effect on your SEO, which will reduce your visitors and also cause major losses. You can also transfer your blog from blogger to WordPress

Transferring WordPress blog to another hosting or another platform is easy.


It’s upon Google, when they can add new features. Google has already shut down many of its products earlier; no one can expect that Blogger will not be locked in the future.

Because WordPress is an open source software, Their update comes several times a year. You can also modify and update it for your company manually. If you had seen in Blogger Vs. WordPress, most of the worldwide companies are dependent on WordPress CMS.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the case of SEO, Blogger has already been a little better. But you can’t fulfill your complete SEO requirement.

WordPress SEO is search engine friendly and helps your blog in a responsive way and WordPress platform has plenty of free and paid SEO plugins, with the help of them you can optimize your blog’s SEO. Yoast SEO, All in 1 SEO, Rankmath and Jetpack are the top SEO plugins which are widely used for SEO on WordPress sites. All of them are free to use but for additional benefits you must have to purchase the paid version plugins.

How the Services Stack Up?

PricingFreeFree + hosting
StorageUnlimitedDepends on host company
Free ThemesYesYes
Premium ThemesNoYes
E-CommerceNoWith third-party plugin
Drag and DropNoYes


Costing difference between WordPress vs. Blogger

As we knew that both platforms are free to use. Let’s first talk about Blogger, you get a free Blogspot subdomain, and it comes with free hosting included. You can use a custom domain too, which can set you back as little as $9.99/ year depending upon the domain marketplace pricing.

Besides the free themes, there are several third-party paid options, which we’ll come to. 

HostingIncluded~ $3.88/ month
Domain~ $.99/ month ~ $.99/ month
$0 ~ .99/ month~ $4.87/ month


WordPress is a self-hosted blogging platform which means you need to pay for a domain name and buy a hosting plan from as little as $5 for your first month and then $10 per month thereafter. You should also factor in any premium themes and plugins you need which can add up.

Final thoughts

I created my first blog, which was done in the blogspot and later I moved to WordPress. If you’re not familiar with blogging, how to do it technically, then choosing Blogspot is right for you, which is free source and you don’t need any money on it.  

But In my opinion, choose WordPress for the future because starting a blog on self-hosted WordPress is simply more advantageous and profitable. because not only do you get to monetize your blog through various advertisements, affiliate links, or direct advertising, you also get to customize and control your blog as you want. And if you’re a beginner blogger then you should go for Blogger for the debut kickstarter platform which is easy to operate and free source gifted by Google. That’s my conclusion.

I Hope you would like this post and you will also find help to choose which the right blogging platform is for you. Even if you have any doubts or need something to ask then let me know in the comments.

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