About me

Hello and welcome! My name is Atul and I’m so happy to see you here. Let me tell you more about me and my website.

About Shiftdigitally?

Shiftdigitally is an SEO blog that provides tons of invaluable free in-depth tutorials, guides, and articles about (technical) SEO. It’s made for both less and more tech-savvy people, SEO beginners, advanced SEOs, and anyone who is interested in learning SEO. 

About Founder – Atul Sharma

I am Atul Sharma and I am the face behind this Shiftdigitally. Before telling me how I can help you, let me quickly introduce myself.

I am a professional Digital Marketer specializing in SEO & practicing SEO and doing blogging. I’ve been in the SEO industry for the last 7+ years. I have experience working as an in-house SEO, at an SEO agency, as a freelancer, and as an SEO consultant. I’ve worked both with some of the leading small and medium businesses around the globe and small personal blogs. I specialize in performing advanced in-depth SEO technical audits and link building tactics.

I’m obsessed with digital marketing as it can give new horizons to anyone. Digital Marketing has helped me to set a goal for myself.

I have no shame to admit that I was living according to the metrics of my job. Then one day, I got to know about blogging, researched a lot about blogging and finally decided to get started. And after that, I never looked back.

Today, I am helping my clients with their Digital Marketing Needs and starting by building a website to improve their search visibility, social media, and many more things.

Why did I start Shiftdigitally?

While working with my clients in the last 8 and half years in this SEO industry, I have observed that people who have gained knowledge about digital marketing but still they’re not educated technically in the right way, there are so many misconceptions which need to break down and there are many scopes to educate them about digital marketing, blogging, and SEO. And that’s why I started Shiftdigitally as a blog to spread awareness about Digital Marketing in terms of educating people as much as I could.

Why am I doing this?

I got to know about Digital Marketing in early 2012 when I was pursuing my graduation, but it took me a lot of time to understand the workflow. It may be because of my understanding. But you can’t also ignore the fact that there are very few ideal roadmaps we can see in the SEO industry, which is why more than 65% of people struggle in this field.

And trust me, I was also one of them. But the difference is that I kept trying to find a solution for each issue. And eventually, I started developing my strategies. Some of them work, and some of them might fail, but it keeps me going. Can no one claim to be 100% correct, right?

So here is the deal, here in Shiftdigitally, I will let you know about things like SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing etc. You can gain your knowledge and apply it to your existing business or start a new business.

If my content ends up helping you for real, please share it with your friends.

Thanks for reading this page and good luck on your journey!

Your new friend,

Atul Sharma